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Whats New at Due North
I've never blogged before so you have to bear with me on this one!- the only reason for this page is that the homepage seems to be getting longer and longer- so i thought i'd have a 'whats new' page- where i could stick all of the updates- then i was told this was now called a blog- what will these youngsters think of next?- so here we go!

August 2016

Eagle Gloves back in stock in all sizes

Summer Holidays 2016

Our site is always open for business 24/7 -& I usually work 7 days per week-but I have been informed recently about a custom that I am unfamiliar with that my family refer to as h-o-lida-y-s (not sure if that is how you pronounce it)

- where apparently you take time off work, abandon your customers- & go and sit on a beach somewhere & do nothing- I know- does it sound as mad to you as it does to me?

Anyway-I am told it is a tradition in the UK and across the world (where it is often referred to as a va-ca-tion)

Although this concept is alien to me I have been persuaded to observe this qualint & ancient tradition this year-

 so from 22nd-31st July 2016 & 15th-21st of August although you will still be able to order via the website-any orders placed will not be dispatched until my return-

as I will be embarrassing myself on a surfboard & most likely drowning in the process...............happy holidays!

Apologies for any inconvenience


 June 2016-New design Lightweight Hawking Vests in Stock-perfect for the lovely summer weather!!! (when it finally arrives)

Thinsulate Winter Gloves  & Short Gloves in all sizes back in stock!(apologies for delay-but if they ain't right they get done again!-it's the Due North way-lol!)

 Back in Stock-Hood & Glove Keyrings


Best Falconry Swivels Ever?

They're back (and they're black!)


Quite excited here!- our new best falconry swivels ever ball bearing swivels have finished in production-as strong as before but now in a nice black livery- bigger swivel body(size 10) nicer colour and a bigger jess ring (like you all asked for-we listen to your feedback!!!)they have now arrived from the factory and ready to ship. Just tried these today & they are IMHO spot on much less fiddly than the older design-they even feel more robust(if it's possible to be more robust than our normal 600lb breaking strain!) & they seem to me to be free flowing (again) pretty much impossible to tangle-which was the main reason we designed them in the first place-so that's good. If any Centres want a sample to try, please drop me an email mike@due-north.eu and I'll send one out free in return for some feedback!

Click here to buy now

New Stock of Ultimate Suede Gloves now ready for delivery
If you are on a budget these gloves are for you-an inexpensive entry into the world of the Ultimate glove- at this price they're so cheap you can afford to buy a new one every year! 


Click on the menu on the left to see a collection of tried and tested top quality kit currently in use by falconers across the world- (newest locations to add to our customer list are Mexico and Hawaii!)- Quite simply if it is not top quality- you will not find it here!

Many people have emailed to ask how we can afford to sell such high quality gear at such low prices- many have sent me links to other websites selling inferior kit for the same price or often much more- the answer is simple- thanks to you- we sell a lot!- so we can take a smaller profit per sale and pass the savings on to you.

Why don't we sell bow perches, blocks or scales?- we haven't found any that will be cost effective for you and that are of a suitable quality to put the Due North name on.....yet! 

If you would like to let us know what you want and what you think of our services- please click on the questionnaire link on the left- or email


Saturday 2nd August
50 entries in the photo comp now- can't believe the quality of the pics- fantastic- get yours in before its too late!
New stuff!- we now have the acorn bells ready- just having their final polish this weekend(don't tell the kids- they thought the 'special treat'  I had planned was a trip to the seaside- not bell polishing!!- and the new blocks  are ready and look good- they are on test with the most destructive bird we have- ('the terminator' aka Dude the Snowy Owl) If they survive they will be on the site next week!- the last five  we tested were 'dead' within two days- these ones have been in for a week and still look like new- so its looking good!
Friday 11th July 2008
Check out the new photo entries on the competion page- there is more than one page so please view using the slideshow option to make sure you see all of the entries- the standard is brilliant- never expected anything like the quality we have seen so far-the deadline for entries is 31/08/08- so still time to get your photos in- good luck!
Friday 27th June
Last chance for a free glove when you buy a leather vest- ends Monday 30th June- and finally we have some decent blocks on the way- its only taken 3yrs to track them down!- in another 3 yrs the bows might be ready!- also watch out for our new acorn bells- should be ready in two weeks or so(fantastic tone- loud and clear)
Wednesday  18th June
Some nice pics in the competition now- maybe the winner will come from these?- still time to submit yours though- no takers on the recommend a centre yet- though there are some on the way i believe!
I can't belive the sales so far on the leather bags and vests-it is definately a 'leather summer' loads of people taking advantage of a free glove with each leather vest-must be a cracking offer when i am told that similar vests are selling for £130 on other sites with no free glove!- get yours while they last- we will be ending the offer soon
Friday 13th June 2008
Recommend a BOP Centre!
I have quite a few emails each week from people asking which is the best centre, where is their nearest one? etc- i would like to start a page of recommended centres- so if you have a favorite one let me know- ideally name, location- and a little bit about it- if you have any pics that would be even better- you can use our best day out form  on the left hand menu to submit the Centre details anonymously
Thursday 12th June 2008
 Photo competition is now online and open for business £150 of kit for the best pic(voted for by you)- we need more entries- why not have a go?- send your pics to mike@due-north.eu
Monday 9th of June 2008
As some people will know we had some problems with the newsletter signup-(apologies to all affected)- the amount of signups just was more than the system could handle and a few people were unable to join- but i did not realise as i was not recieving notifications. I have now bought some new software and judging by the increase in signups and the use of the discount codes- i think it is now ok- but if it is not please let me know mike@due-north.eu
Sunday 8th June 2008
We need some of your pics for the photo competition- i have a few in already- but not enough for a decent competition- you can email in as many as you want-no limit per person- they will all be posted anonymously- so only you and me will know they are yours!- then we will have an email vote- £150 worth of kit up for grabs- so it has to be worth a punt?
 Is leather making a comeback?-Leather bags and vests are flying out at the moment- easily beating out their cordura counterparts- not sure if it is because we are in show season, because we have been invaded by leather fetisists(is that a word?)- or  just because when the smell, look and feel is just so much better- who cares if you can't chuck it in the washing machine every week!- my leather bag has been going a few years now and using the 'netto principle' still looks as good as new!- check them out in the products section.
Feedback from our online questionairre so far is that we are doing well on price, quality and range- and ok on postage charges- but we need to look at stocking blocks, bow perches and scales- we are working on it - but it is proving difficult to track down quality at the right price
thats it for now- my first ever blog!

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